Give Love Get Love

Everbean's Community Initiative

Everbean's Rewards Program

Buying a cup of coffee can go beyond the simple give and take of business transaction. In making a purchase of a latte (or any espresso-based beverage) as part of a daily ritual, the customer is involved in supporting a local charity of his/her choice. Enjoying a well crafted drink becomes a small act of strengthening the local community. Making a purchase with no added costs to the customer becomes a continuous fundraising source for our local charities in need. Give and take and give becomes a cycle of goodness within our community.

Our Give Love Get Love Gift and Loyalty card works in three ways: Be good to yourself (earn yourself a free drink by redeeming 10 points); be kind to others (pass on your free drink as a Suspended Coffee posted on our column for anyone who may need a drink); be supportive of your local charities (choose one from our three selected beneficiaries - Peace Arch Hospital Foundation, Sources Food Bank, and BC SPCA - we will donate $5 to your chosen charity when you redeem 20 points.) Ask to join our initiative when you stop in for an amazing latte!

Step 1

Get a free Loyalty card

Step 2

Purchase any espresso-based drink to earn 1 point

Step 3

Start collecting points to earn rewards

10 Points

Treat yourself to a free drink or suspend a coffee for someone in need

20 points

Choose a local charity and we'll donate $5 on your behalf